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It is right about this time into the school year that my enthusiasm for the New Year’s resolution of “no more boring sandwiches” for the kids school lunches starts to fade. I start off with a bang and I’m making burrito bowls, homemade hummus and vietnamese rice paper rolls *polishes halo. Come week 7 and I’m feeling a jam sandwich might just filter its way onto the menu.

This weeks recipe has become a bit of a lunchbox lifesaver. It takes a matter of minutes. It can be made the night before…..but lets be real, most of the epically healthy lunches get made the night before because they can be so damned time consuming. The joy of the quesadilla is that it can also be made in a couple of minutes while you’re sucking down breakfast on the go, signing permission notes and yelling at small people to “for the love of all that is holy put on your goddam shoes!”…..surely that’s not just in my house?…..

I make spinach, ricotta & feta ones because…A. I usually have those things in my fridge…and B. Because, for some strange reason my fussy small person who would rather gnaw off her own arm than put broccoli/capsicum/ – insert most vegetables here – anywhere near her own lips, actually likes spinach. As you frequent readers would know, I’m all about getting as many vegetables into the day as humanly possible so if she will eat it, it’s on the menu.

You however, can easily flavour the quesadilla to suit the palate of your fussy small person. Here are some suggestions……

  • chicken, cheese & capsicum
  • chilli con carne, cheese & sour cream
  • roasted veg (pumpkin, capsicum, zucchini) & cheese
  • plain and simple ham & cheese
  • smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers & dill
  • …….the fussy small person is making me add Nutella to the list….#moderation!

Enjoy xx

Spinach, ricotta & feta quesadilla

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Spinach, ricotta & feta quesadillas

By March 11, 2016

  • Prep Time : 2 minutes
  • Cook Time : 2 minutes
  • Yield : 1



This recipe uses a toasted sandwich maker that has a hot plate large enough to fit a small/medium sized wrap. If you don't own such a device you can always use a non-stick frypan, you will just need to flip the wrap halfway through in order to toast most sides of the wrap.

Turn on your toasted sandwich maker to allow it to heat up.

While it's heating pop one of the wraps onto a chopping board and use a butter knife to spread the ricotta over its surface in an even layer.

Crumbled the feta cheese evenly over the top of the ricotta and then place the english spinach over the top of that in an even layer.

Place the second wrap on top of the other ingredients and pop into the toasted sandwich maker for around 2 minutes (or until it is golden and toasted and you can hear it starting to sizzle.

Remove from the toasted sandwich maker and place onto a chopping board. Using a pizza slicer, slice into 4 pieces.

You can either serve hot or allow your quesadilla to cool before wrapping to take to work/school.

Enjoy xx

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