A Little Something for the Time Poor – how to make healthy choices on a tight schedule

  I could bang on about the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids until the cows come home….in fact I probably have in earlier posts. I could also bang on about the multitude of other great nutritional reasons to eat this salad…#fibre #potassium #vitaminsA&C ###…. ……here’s what I will bang on about….Time. Sometimes making … Continue reading

A Little Bit on the Side

  According to the results of the latest  Australian Health Survey only 6.8% of people consumed the recommended daily intake of vegetables. Of those surveyed, 29% had taken a dietary supplement in the previous 24 hours. Now I don’t know about you but to me that doesn’t seem to make any sense. If you think … Continue reading

Crispy Skinned Barramundi with Apple & Fennel Remoulade and Toasted Hazelnuts

With the silly season thrust upon us it can be difficult to maintain a bit of a healthy eating pattern….within reason of course…I’m not a mad woman and can absolutely justify the scoffing of scorched almonds as an ode to Christmas. This is an easy dish, and super fast if you have a food processor. … Continue reading

Healthy Crumbed Fish & Chips

This one’s a crowd pleaser and by crowd pleaser I mean a dish the entire family will eat….even the fussiest small person (not pointing any fingers youngest child of mine).  The added bonus is it’s simple and fast. By the time you drove to the fish & chip shop, ordered, waited and came home with … Continue reading

Spinach & Ricotta Triangles

  Lunch time with kids can frankly be quite boring. The same sandwich, day in day out, is more than this woman can cope with…….you see, at the start of the school year I get all gung-ho about producing imaginative lunches. It’s all quinoa, tabouleh and burrito bowls in January. By the end of the … Continue reading

Harissa Lamb Racks with Pearl Couscous

Tomorrow is Waitangi Day which is a public holiday in New Zealand held on February 6 to commemorate the signing of our founding document, The Treaty of Waitangi….it is also a great excuse to get together with friends & family to break bread. Although it’s been many years since I lived in New Zealand, I … Continue reading

Clams in Crazy Water

    Crazy water or Acqua pazza is an Italian term for the poaching of fish and seafood in a light broth….I always thought it referred to the spice of the chilli but there you go! Apparently the fisherman of the Neapolitan area used to poach their catch using a splash of water from the … Continue reading

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