About Me

About Karly

Food is how I show my love…

I’m going to make an awesome Grandma.

I truly believe a healthy balanced diet not only maintains your health but can also help prevent illness – it provides your body with the platform it needs to do all the things you ask of it, and lets be honest, sometimes we ask a lot.

“But why does healthy food have to so boring?” I hear you ask… “it doesn’t”!

Food is exciting, it’s messy, it’s fun and it makes you feel good and I want to show you how to be able to have your cake and eat it too!

I could quite happily spend an entire day in the kitchen but guess what? You don’t have to. Healthy nutritious food can be fast and simple. Fork this way is about getting stuff on your plate that is gorgeous, delicious, fast, easy, fresh and good for you too.

Most days you will find me in the kitchen, either whipping up something to be photographed and popped on forkthisway or sitting at the bench with my textbooks studying for my degree in nutrition.

Feel free to send me some recipe suggestions or if you have particular dietary concerns (high cholesterol, lactose intolerance etc) and you would like some recipes to help you along feel free to email contact@forkthisway.com.au


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